Sunday, February 03, 2013

Ocean Box V2 Stand-alone Versioning Software

Ocean Box V2 is the newer version of Ocean Box stand-alone version control application. This version of the application is cross-platform unlike the previous version which I used .Net for its development back in the day. Biggest different of this version is that, I have written it by using Qt framework. Thus, it can easily be compiled for other OS's, like Linux and Mac OSX. I used C++ language for this version as well.

This version of the application comes with Python interpreter embedded which means Python language can be effectively used in the application. Custom plug-ins can be written and loaded in the application. Plug-in API is extremely simple, even novice Python users can develop plug-ins.

It also offers commands for all functionalities of the application for shell users. Moreover, Python API allows Python developers to embed Ocean Box V2 features into other tools and applications. Ocean Box V2 comes with implementation for Autodesk Maya that has been developed by using the powerful API of the application.

You can reach the documentation here.

For more information please visit: Ocean Box V2 Web Page

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